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The Sample Recipes e-Cookbook is free to download. The flip book has a sample from cookbooks in the Cooking with Shirley Cookbook Collection. You may also download ebooks from the Cooking with Shirley Reference Library.

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So you think you want to learn to cook in a healthier way that you have in the past. You bought cookbooks, but you don’t know how to do many of the procedures they suggest, you aren’t familiar with some of the foods and there seem to be so many ingredients. The cookbook won’t stay open on the counter and you spilled cake batter all over the recipe so you can’t read it anymore. You’re suddenly overwhelmed with the daunting task of fixing at least 2 and often 3 meals a day for your family.
Cooking With Shirley’s cookbook collection is a product that I think will help you. We are offering a CD or a DVD consisting of 12 cookbooks with around 1200 recipes that have all been tested in my kitchen. If you have a library of cookbooks and you need the recipe for beef stroganoff but you don’t remember which cookbook it was in, it can be time consuming and frustrating to locate it. Our “cookbooks” are all on one CD or DVD with a search engine allowing you to locate your recipe. Once you locate it, you merely print it out, take the sheet of paper to your kitchen and prepare your dish. Then you toss the piece of paper (that probably has gravy and flour spilled on it) and toss it into the trash. No more books that won’t stay open or spilled food on a nice cookbook that you paid anywhere from $15 to $50 to purchase. Stop cluttering up your kitchen cabinets with books when you can have just one disk with all the information you need right on it. You obviously have a computer or you would not be reading about it.
In addition to cookbooks, we have a Reference Library containing all kinds of helpful information on purchasing, storing, canning, freezing and preparing food. Helpful hints on “how to” items such as how to prepare, cook and eat an artichoke. This Reference Library is divided into separate books to help you locate information faster. Our cookbooks and reference books look like books and you merely click on pages to turn them. There is a table of contents to help you locate a category in each book and you again just click on an listing to locate the area you desire.