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Cookbooks, Cookbooks, Cookbooks

We are excited and pleased to announce the completion of all 12 of our cookbooks.  Very shortly we will be launching the sale of a CD containing all of the cookbooks.  At that time we will discontinue the sale of the individual electronic cookbooks we have been selling for the past three years and sell only the CD’s.  Each cookbook contains an average of 100 recipes in several categories.  The completed cookbooks are:

Do you get frustrated trying to remember which of your cookbooks contains a particular recipe? Do some of your cookbooks refuse to stay open to the recipe page?  Are you constantly dripping or spilling your ingredients onto cookbook pages or recipe cards?  No more with Cooking With Shirley’s CD Cookbooks!  Just locate the recipe in the cookbook on the computer, print it out, use it and toss it away.

The CD cookbooks will be changing from our previous Adobe Acrobat PDF format to the Flipbook technology.  What does that mean?  It means that it is much easier to move around in the cookbook as it actually looks like a book and you need only click on the right hand page to turn it from front to back or click on the left page to reverse from back to front.  You can quickly move to the extreme front or back with a simple click.  There are many pictures of the finished recipes to tantalize your taste buds. The print is large enough to read from the counter without bending over if your eyesight isn’t perfect.

There is a search engine to help you find recipes of a particular type or ingredient.  In the front of the cookbook you will find a listing of recipes by category; in the back is an alphabetical listing of all recipes in that cookbook.  The CD actually comes with 12 cookbooks so you aren’t trying to sort through 1200 recipes in one cookbook.

If you plan a couple of entertaining functions during the holiday season, for example, you can set tabs on recipes of a particular color for each function. This really makes it easy to find the recipes fast.

All recipes are easy to follow with numbered instructions and often suggestions for alternative methods or ingredients.  Many notes make it easier for a beginner cook.  It will include an e-mail address if you have questions or suggestions.

The recipes do not fall into a particular type, such as "light" or "quick", although you will find many that fall into those categories. There are some classic dishes, some gourmet-style meals, some restaurant type favorites and lots of just good cooking recipes.  The majority have been tested in my own kitchen and given my seal of approval.

Many articles shown on our website will also be on the CD such as how to turn recipes from high fat and calories to a dieter's dream.  In most cases you do not lose taste in the transition. 

There is also a section describing many herbs and spices and even where you can purchase them directly from our favorite website, American Spice.  You will find the products fresh, less expensive than at local supermarkets, superior in quality and more in each container. Another interesting article on flavorings and their uses is included.  How would you like to learn to make your own flavored vinegars?  It’s easy and this cookbook will show you how.

We have provided several tables including a chart for converting Fahrenheit to Celsius; Measure for Measure Equivalents in the U.S.; Seafood Nutritional Values; Outdoor Grilling Chart with times and temperatures; Roasting and Grilling Chart showing times and temperatures; chart showing the various cuts of beef, pork and lamb and how to cook them.

There is a huge section on how to cook most known vegetables in the microwave showing the type of container to use, whether or not to cover, holdover time, if applicable, length of cooking time and power levels.

You will find a very interesting article explaining all about how to cook in clay pots. This old world method has been resurrected and is a growing trend, providing a fabulous and much faster way to cook one dish meals such as Corned Beef with Vegetables, Chicken with Dumplings and Vegetables, as well as some desserts.  I know of one busy family of four with two working parents that use this method several times each week.

There is a smaller cookbook on Canning and Freezing, but it contains a huge section almost as thorough as the canning and freezing cookbooks you purchase in the bookstores where you would pay at least $10.  Preserve all kinds of pickled vegetables for a lot less money than you can purchase them at the store such as asparagus, beets, green beans, okra, green tomatoes, mixed vegetables, regular pickles – both dill and sweet. How about making canned apple or blueberry pie filling where all you have to do when you need a dessert in a hurry is to buy a couple of pie crusts, use one for the bottom, fill it with your canned filling, dot with butter and top it with the second pie crust.  Bake it and serve hot apple pie with ice cream. Yum. Learn a little about dehydration with a few examples if you happen to own a dehydrator.

In Cooking 101 you will learn the suggested pantry, refrigerator and freezer staples you should keep on hand at all times to save trips to the store.  It also suggests the kitchen items such as dinnerware, cutlery, etc. and appliances to provide an efficient kitchen for the starting household.  This article is a must for an upcoming bride when she makes up her Bridal Register. There is also the listing of ingredients – how much to buy.  This tells you that if the recipe calls for 4 cups sliced potatoes, you need 4 medium potatoes.  You will also find 36 butcher suggestions for cutting meat prices.  I will show you how to buy a large, expensive cut of meat such as prime rib and give you many suggestions as to how to utilize the entire roast with interesting and different ways to utilize the leftovers without eating the same boring thing night after night.

Learn about some of the following:

The Cooking With Shirley CD will be on sale shortly containing 12 cookbooks along with the many accompanying articles and helpful hints for only $29.95 plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

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