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Kitchen Items I Can't Live Without

Isn't it fun to go into a kitchen store or the department store's kitchen section and see all the wonderful tools and gadgets out there to make your life easier?  Also when you watch the home shopping channels on TV, you just can't live without some of these items.  Well, maybe. First I'm going to list a few things that I consider essential in my kitchen in order of importance.  Following will be some miscellaneous items that are nice, but maybe not essential.  Then let me say that I have had lots of items that never got much use like the hors d'oeuvres maker and the cake decorator.

8 or 9-inch square pan - 2

loaf pan - 2

9 X 13-in rectangular pan

large cookie sheet with sides - 2

9-inch pie pan - 2 (also get metal pie edge protector)

9-inch or 10-inch deep dish pie pan

9-inch round cake pan - 2

6-cup muffin pan - 2

9 X 14-in metal broiler pan with rack

11 X 16-inch broiler pan with V-rack

large cooling rack for cookies, cakes and pies


fine strainer or sieve

tart pan

springform pan

egg poaching pan with 4 or 6 non-stick inserts.

measuring cups, both metal or plastic individual cups of the various sizes for dry ingredients and glass ones for liquid.  Also measuring spoons.  Get with narrow bowls so they will fit into spice bottles.

Miscellaneous Items

This isn't meant to be everything you need in your kitchen, but merely those that I find important and the reasons why.  It will probably be out of date in a few years, with the new technology, but for now it is a fairly good example of the essentials.

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