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Electric Appliances for the Kitchen

If you have been to a kitchen store or the kitchen department of your favorite department store, you will find dozens of small appliances you might think you can't live without.  I fell for the ads and bought many of them.  NOT NECESSARY.  There are a few essential things you need and you should buy the really good ones.  Better to spend you money on a few good items rather than buying lots of things you may never use.  Here are the things I have, use and either like or find not exciting. I expect most kitchens already have the usual refrigerator, stove or range-top and oven and microwave.  I consider a freezer and a dishwasher essential too along with a second prep sink.

I know they have a lot of other things out there, but look at what you have already, think about how often you would use it. Think of whether or not you could do the same thing on the stove or in the microwave and consider how much valuable space you might be using to store it.

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