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Condiments in your Kitchen

If you are just setting up house, you'll need to keep some condiments on hand to be prepared for many recipe. Be aware that many condiments will require refrigeration after opening. Check the labels. This is a general guide. Take your own tastes into consideration when selecting your own condiment basics.

         Barbecue sauce


         Chili paste in a tube

         Chili sauce

         Corn syrup: light and dark

         Garlic paste in a tube

         Hoisin sauce


         Horseradish: creamy or plain


         Maple syrup

         Mint sauce

         Molasses: dark and light

         Mushrooms: dried or canned

         Mustard: regular, Dijon, hot paste, Durkee's sauce, stone ground & many more

         Oils: olive, canola, sesame, peanut

         Olives: black and green

         Pickles: sweet and dill in regular and gherkin size, cucumber chips

         Relish: hotdog, hamburger, sweet or dill

         Soup concentrate: chicken, beef and ham paste

         Soy sauce

         Steak sauce, assorted

         Sweet & Sour sauce

         Tabasco sauce

         Taco sauce

         Tahini paste

         Tartar sauce

         Teriyaki sauce

         Tomato paste in a tube

         Vinegars: red and white balsamic, cider, red wine, white wine, rice. flavored

         Wasabi paste in a tube

         Worcestershire sauce

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