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Blazing Barbecues includes a multiple page Guidelines to Grilling explaining about ingredients, methods and tools, plus an Outdoor Grilling Chart. Categories include:
• Appetizers (assorted grilled appetizers, barbecued pork, marinated mushrooms, and other non-barbecue items)
• Beef (barbecued whole beef tenderloin, brandy-mustard rib eye, grilled beef brochette, grilled sirloin with horse-radish béarnaise, grilled kielbasa sausage, and more)
• Burgers and Dogs (bratwurst in beer with sauerkraut, curried turkey burgers with salsa, grilled Italian sausages, spiced lamb burgers, cheese and bacon burgers, and more)
• Desserts (baked apples barbecue style, grilled fruit, hot banana shortcake, fruit pizza and other non-barbecue items to make your mouth water)
• Fish and Seafood (exotic grilled fish, Orange Roughy fish packets, garlic shrimp, red snapper Vera Cruz, and more)
• Lamb and Veal (Asian veal sticks, grilled lamb chops, rack of lamb with mango chutney, veal chops w/Balsamic vinegar, Hawaiian lamb chops, and more)
• Pork and Ham (baby back ribs with honey and rosemary, ham steaks with mango glaze, luau pork, pork tenderloin with ginger, Mexican spare ribs, curried pork chops, and more)
• Poultry (barbecued brined chicken with maple glaze, Cajun chicken, Cornish game hens with mustard wine marinade, sweet and sour chicken drumettes, curried turkey burgers, and more)
• Salads and Dressings (these are not actually barbecued, but allow for a full menu for a barbecue. Items include Oriental asparagus salad, antipasto, Mexican pasta salad, potato salad, cole slaw, and more)
• Sauces (2 barbecue sauces, barbecue basting sauce, Texas roundup sauce, green tomato relish, and more)
• Side Dishes (grilled herbed vegetables, garlic French loaf, grilled fresh corn on the cob, herbed tomatoes, baked potatoes on the BBQ with assorted toppings, and more)

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